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Utilizing Social Media

How We Can Make a Change with the Press of a Button

The media is the most powerful tool that we have today. It allows us to report news from our phones, while we can also get immediate notifications of breaking news at the touch of our fingertips. Unfortunately, the media also has the ability to warp stories, which has the potential to be harm many people. However, the media can also use this power for good, as the news media has the ability to reach people all over the world, even in remote villages. That’s the reason I wanted to go into journalism: to give people a chance to tell their stories and to make their voices heard.

Journalists have a power that has a huge impact on the world. They can write about things that people would have never known about otherwise, which is a blessing but can also be dangerous if the media is not careful. Journalists and other writers within the media have a power that can be misused very easily, which is why I think that the ability that regular civilians have to report their own discoveries and updates is great step forward. Giving citizens this ability makes it harder for the media to spin stories because people are able to verify and the news that they hear.

This is especially good for women in small cities and villages who don’t necessarily have other means of communication because they can use the power of social media to raise awareness towards the problems that they face every day. Take Twitter for example: many people use Twitter to raise awareness for the things that are happening around the world.

Even if direct action cannot be taken over twitter, the fact that hundreds of thousands of people know what’s going on around the world is significant because it can push governments to recognize these issues and address them. Even the first lady, Michelle Obama, has taken to Twitter to raise awareness of issues, which shows how powerful social media can be. Social media is influential, and many people underestimate the effect it has on our country and the world around us.