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Strategic Consulting

World Woman Foundation  offers diversity and inclusion expertise to leaders and their organizations to develop and implement a best-in-class, high-impact, game-changing strategy that impacts executives and managers, talent, operations, and revenue.

World Woman Foundation
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World Woman Foundation

Mentoring Program

World Woman Foundation Mentorship Program is an adventurous 6 month journey to connect the talented and emerging women leaders across the globe. The emerging woman leader gets an access to the congregation of established and powerfulWorld Woman Foundation leaders as mentors. The Mentorship Program is an extension of WWF professional development & capacity building program and an opportunity for women leaders from corporate, business, social development and public leadership space to engage directly withWorld Woman Foundation.

Research & Advocacy

When working with diverse teams and on global scales, diversity and inclusion becomes the key facet. WWF aims to establish itself as a leader on diversity & inclusion; especially in developing countries. The scope of this work ranges from gender issues, inclusive culture, generational differences, disability, sexual orientation & its impact globally. We want to further the discussions on diversity and inclusive strategies by understanding the challenges and concerns faced by the leaders and organizations on these domains to create more awareness and foster harmony channelizing the interventions through the mediums of business, technology, media and entrepreneurship.

World Woman Foundation


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