About Us


World Woman Foundation believes that ‘Equality for women is progress for all’. To support the thought we advocate mentoring of the global women community at large in business and cultural arenas. We also support women from all walks of life to be able to access the resources with equity and recognize them for their contribution in the entrepreneurial realm of the world.

World Woman Foundation envisions empowering women by facilitating mentoring programs for 1 million women and girls worldwide by 2030. We aim to elevate the socioeconomic milieu of 2 million women across the globe to celebrate the spirit of womanhood.

Founded in 2013, World Woman Foundation is anon-profit arts organization creating meaningful experiences through business, technology, social entrepreneurship and entertainment designed for women all over the world. It’s a globally accepted organization with people across continents and cultures coming together to discover and create extra-ordinary resources for women. A global platform to connect, engage and succeed by sharing of opportunities to woman all across nations and celebrate women heroes for their unique achievements.

The woman of today is the focus of our programs as we are sensitive to their concerns and ambitions. With this as a backdrop, we partner with social organizations to create awareness and raise funds to support the women’s causes.

What We Do

World Woman Foundation provides a one of its kind platform for women worldwide. This platform gives a collectivized voice for Women Leadership in our region and aims three-fold

  • to educate, inspire and connect women,
  • foster learning for women to impact themselves, their community and the world at large and
  • inspire women’s leadership

These voices draw closer from the business, corporate and public leadership spheres.

How We Do

The game-changer: an emerging leader

World Woman Foundation identifies women with budding leadership potential from all walks of life. This emerging leader swings on one end with her struggles and on the other of hoping for change; thus moving forward by taking risks.

World Woman Foundation’s legacy in the leaders

We meet this leader and invest in her potential to bring in the change she envisions.World Woman Foundation invests in her by way of time, resources, training and mentorship. This strengthens her dedication to her cause/work and community. WWF helps claim her own powerful self and connect with the world at large in similar domains of her work. This domino effect brings more visibility to her and deepens the impact of her work.

The center-stage for Women Leadership

The vast exposure, extra-ordinary resources and her unflinching commitment to her work opens up a wide platform for her to build networks and paves way for expansion.World Woman Foundation creates conducive environment when she embarks on an inspirational journey to pay it forward and build the leadership in other women to create change and thereby laying ground for receptive women leadership and making the community, nation and world a better place to live in.