Offir, is a retired woman who lives close to my home. She defines herself as a business woman, who’s meant to change many peoples lives. When I asked her to create her Facebook page she was reluctant about it and ask me a lot of questions about how to manage her privacy on it. She has had bad experiences with people around her opening Facebook and misuse it as she firmly believes, allowing criminals to know everything about them.

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Laura is 54 now. She was born in a typical Colombian family back in those days, her mother was a housewife and her father a sergeant on the army, which is why since she was little she had the chance to get to know all kind of people in Colombia, and also some faces of injustice. Nowadays, her profession, lawyer, has allow her to help a lot of people on health care and to get their retirement money.

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Millennials use Facebook to keep up with friends in grade school, college, or those who have moved to other cities. It is convenient but seemingly less personal than the experience of a Baby Boomer who uses Facebook to connect with friends. I saw this firsthand when I talked about the joys of online communication with Linda, a 59-year-old woman from Kingwood, Texas.

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Millennials have a seemingly passive relationship to social media because we have not quite experienced the joy of connection in the same way Baby Boomers have. Most of us do not know the joy of connecting with someone that we lost touch with 20+ years ago. I saw a glimpse of this joy first-hand when I interviewed Karen, a 52-year-old woman from Kingwood, Texas.

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For some learning how to use technology such as Facebook comes easy even if they did not grow up with it. They had to learn through trial and error how it worked. Nadine is one of those people. She is a 63 year old woman that learned how to use a computer late in life but succeeded none the less. She uses Facebook mostly because it helps her keep in contact with relatives from around the country.

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