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Offir is going forward with technology for her business

Offir, is a retired woman who lives close to my home. She defines herself as a business woman, who’s meant to change many peoples lives. When I asked her to create her Facebook page she was reluctant about it and ask me a lot of questions about how to manage her privacy on it. She has had bad experiences with people around her opening Facebook and misuse it as she firmly believes, allowing criminals to know everything about them.

Getting over her fears, she decided to take a step forward and connect to Facebook, hoping to find a new wheel for her business. She works distributing health supplements and giving workshops where the participants to get to know and listen to their bodies, so they can heal themselves through their own knowledge of their bodies. All with the company of certified doctors and spiritual gurus, who work as a team to help people around. She helps people in her neighbourhood so they are able to assist and participate for free in these workshops, so they have access to this ancestral knowledge, she wants to share with the world.

Her core business is to sell products, but she has managed to mix it with a spiritual path, that helps people to connect to something divine, and get to listen to themselves so they are able to heal their own bodies. That’s why she thinks it is so important that she has the power to get to more persons, in Bogotá. Even though she has a lot of clients, more than clients, she is looking to spread her knowledge which she is really excited to do through Facebook.

We started with a long explanation on how to set privacy configurations on her personal account, which took more or less 20 minutes, after that, she had already 20 new friend requests, which amuse her and amazed her. Then, we started building up her Facebook business page, for which we had to take at least 20 different pictures for her to publish. Once we started that, she did not want to stop. She understood immediately how to post on her business page, and she started posting health advices for her followers to be, who after 10 minutes were already more than 10.

This really amazed me, finding a person with such good energy and strength to believe in herself and her work to attract so many people in her life and have such a strong business from her home, reaching so many people al ready, and not being tired or lazy to reach out for more. At her 75 years, she has the strength of life all over her body, and she is not letting society tell her she must not be working at her age or growing as she is.

 When I first came to her and asked her about Facebook, she had a really negative view on this matter, but later, she discover how to transform it and give it a different focus where she can take advantage of it, and give back to the world what she feels it has given to her. Helping people grow and heal in all kind of levels. “When we stop learning, we die.” That’s what she told me once we finished our technological session, with a kind look in her face, and then I understood: she is amazing because she never stops learning, and growing, not just growing old, but growing wiser, better and kinder.

Through interactions and the power of them, she built a solid business, and not stopping there, she knows, at her 74 years, the world is going forward through technology and she is not staying backwards.

As personal as this is: for me, life had stopped last year, because I felt I was not going to be able to accomplish anything anymore because I was too old in the academic environment to get anything, and my mind-sets have changed, but meeting this person just came to remind me that for growing, I am not limited by my age, I am limited by mi mind. Through knowledge, interaction and friendship, I am able to achieve whatever I want to, if I believe on it, just like her, who has taught me more than I could ever imagine.