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Tavi Gevinson Dishes On Beauty & Style With ‘Glamour’

Tavi Gevinson just inked herself a beauty deal with Clinique and yes, JJJ is jealous!

The 19-year-old actress and fashion blogger chatted with Glamour about her beauty evolution and favorites. Check it below:

On her borrowed-from-the-boys hairstyle: “Slicking it back like David Bowie from his Low album era makes me feel like I’m not susceptible to dumb sh-t.”

On her beauty motto she lives by: “Do and wear whatever you want. When I was younger, I felt like my features were sort of irrelevant. But now I see beauty as a tool that helps you become the person you want to be.”

On her style epiphany: “I learned in high school that it felt worse to second-guess my wardrobe choices than it did to be made fun of. When I’d change my outfit to something more “normal,” I’d come home to the stuff I’d really wanted to wear and think, I should have worn that!”

On her favorite hair hue ever: “I had gray hair when I was 13, because I dyed it blue and didn’t bother to color it again once it faded. I think it looked kind of dope.”