Celebrity Artist Gilda Garza and Woman Foundation Join Forces to Empower One Million Women By 2030 – Welcome to World Woman Foundation

Celebrity Artist Gilda Garza and Woman Foundation Join Forces to Empower One Million Women By 2030

Queen Kamala Harris by Celebrity Artist Gilda Garza sold for  $80,000 to support women and girls around the world

 Gilda Garza in partnership with the World Woman Foundation released a limited edition of Kamala Harris’s portrait to celebrate the first woman Vice President of the United States. Despite progress in recent years, women around the world still face many obstacles especially pertaining to the global gender equality gap in access to education and equal opportunity for women and girls. In recognition of this historic moment in the United States, Gilda Garza and the World Woman Foundation donated the amount of $80,000 and have an ambitious plan to accelerate women’s leadership in a bold new way that is about dignity, choice, and equality.

Gilda describes Kamala Harris’s portrait of the queen in her own words such as “ You came here to give women hope, to teach us that dreams come true if you’re willing to fight for them and pour your heart into it. That there are no limits in life. Because of you, we all know female superheroes do exist. You have earned your own crown and we are all proud of you. The Queen I painted bears the colors of her flag, as she looks upon the stars that represent her dreams. Her hair pridefully represents the LGBTQ community, and decorated with the color of her roots ( La India and Jamaica ) In her heart lives her mother, who created the foundation making her into the strong woman she is today. Thank you Kamala for fighting so hard, your accomplishments will be written in the pages of history. Although I am not the only artist painting you, you will be my forever big inspiration.”

We are so excited about our partnership with Gilda Garza to drive awareness of women’s and girls’ critical issues globally. The World Woman Foundation would like to thank Gilda for her extraordinary contribution to the foundation’s work to provide educational access through her art piece Queen Kamala Harris. Art does have the power to bring empowerment, transformation, and advance gender equality. Gilda’s commitment to women and girls is the heart of all the world she does globally. We are excited to work on this as a global partner and deliver real change in the most challenging times.” Says Rupa Dash, CEO, World Woman Foundation