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Kiana Bierria: A young women’s journey to Politics

An interview with Kiana Bierria, a Long Island University student, political campaigner, and aspiring government representative. Bierria began her work as a freshmen in college, where her hopes to inspire future generations of women blossomed.  

Q: What do you think there are fewer women in political office?

A: I don’t think there are fewer women in politics. I think there are plenty of women involved in politics in different aspects, but because they are not the front man or running for office they are not recognized. I’ve worked with plenty of women on campaigns and even on some where they are in a leadership position. Even now, my current employment allows me to meet plenty of women involved in politics either in different departments, offices, campaigns, and grass roots organizations.

Q: What was your journey and career in politics like?

A: In high school, I was very active in clubs and always held a position. Campaigns were not necessary because everyone knew me, but had I run a campaign I might’ve found my love sooner. I started working for political campaigns around my freshman year in college. Since then, work has surfaced and provided my current employment for a New York State Assembly representative. In working for her, I’ve witnessed the various complexities and departments of government. So far it has been my first step to becoming a representative myself.

Q: How are you trying to make an impact?

A: I try to use what resources are available to me to inform family, friends and neighbors. I find it’s always useful to ask questions as a way to find solutions to serious issues. I think running for an office is my next step. I would like to run for my local school board and I’m currently doing some research about that.

 Q: What is your message to other aspiring women?

Believe in yourself and if your dream scares you, you’re doing something right. Don’t let your sex be something that defines you, but leads you.