Techknow Network

The Tech Age of today has boundless opportunities for women and girl child to advance self-development and enhance their quality of life.

TechKnow Network (Digital Literacy) for women is a program designed to build the capabilities of women learners in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resulting in empowering of the female gender, augmenting their entrepreneurial businesses and other human development initiatives.

TechKnow Network is a Digital Literacy Initiative of Global Mentorship Program for women to invest in the female gender’s limitless and unexploited potentials as the key to socio-economic growth by conducting special projects, training, conferences and seminars. We educate the girl child and women with ICT to make them work-ready for the modern day work-place, business opportunities, and to sharpen their entrepreneurship skills.

To translate the technology literacy for women empowerment, we support and encourage girls and women’s interest in technology. We also provide assistance on technology-related careers. An in-built networking and educational component in the  Mentorship program, women in developing countries will have the power to accelerate the technology literacy rate.

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