Woman TV – Welcome to World Woman Foundation

Woman TV

Woman TV showcases and celebrates the contemporary women. These women with grit and substance are bold, intelligent and take control of their lives. Be it celebrities like Joan Rivers or Toni Braxton, or a commoner living right next-door, each one has a story to share.

Our goal is to tell stories about girls and women that raise awareness, envision in film the possibilities of our time for females globally, and propose solutions, all the while providing the young adult voice an outlet in a compelling medium. Films will

– Raise awareness about current issues affecting women and girls around the world

– Propose solutions to current challenges faced by women.

– Celebrate everyday “Women Heroes” voices globally

These issues include, but are not limited to:

– Political participation

– Economic independence

– Domestic and gendered violence

– Maternal mortality

– Health care

– Poverty

– Teen & child marriage

– Sex trafficking and slavery

– Women and girls in media

– Women in Leadership

– Education for Girls and Women

– Water

And these stories weave-in together and touch us in our world where we can relate with them as our own. Above all, their stories are entertaining, empowering and educating. Woman TV is all about celebrating the ‘everyday woman heroes’ in our community!