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Looking Past the Cubicle

Ciaara Bordeaux is an individual that is far from the ordinary. This young entrepreneur owns her own online store, founded the Young Women Entrepreneurs Club, and also works as a life coach to inspire other women to start their own businesses. Her life opened after closing a door that she thought would always be the one for her. After college she began working in a corporation but soon realized that the corporate world of business was not for her and journeyed toward a life away from a cubical. Bordeaux knew that there was a new path to be explored and a life waiting for her that allowed autonomy and the ability to inspire women to find their own destinies. While working her corporate job, Bordeaux began working as a consultant on the side. Which opened new business doors for her as she figured out that this was of the more fulfilling. Through her work with consulting, Ciaara Bordeaux knew that she wanted to leave her cubicle behind and continue to coach women on how to start their own businesses.

When asked why she wanted to coach women specifically, Bordeaux claimed that, “women are highly coachable, willing to learn, fun to work with, and allow their personalities and emotions to shine through.” Being a woman herself, Bordeaux is able to really connect to other women. And her personable connections to women make her work more enjoyable and worthwhile.

However, while women provide enjoyment and enthusiasm, Bordeaux has also noticed that women tend to lack the same level of confidence in the business world as men and therefore are not as willing to step out of their comfort zones and try new techniques. This is because some women are afraid of rejection, and this self-consciousness ultimately prevents them from taking the risks that a majority of men typically take.

Bordeaux, through her life coaching, strives to show women how to recognize their advantages and utilize them when building their own businesses. In order for women to fully integrate themselves into the world of business, Bordeaux argues that, “they first need to eliminate the notion that there is a gender inequality in business.” This belief is instead created within the minds of women, which pushes them away from business and hinders them from fully recognizing their strengths that would otherwise drive them to take risks. Bordeaux is frustrated by the false perception that there is a gender inequality within the work world, and therefore wants to coach women to focus on their strengths rather than their possible weaknesses. Once major female advantage that Bordeaux raises is the element of trust that women hold, as clients are more inclined to trust women, while this trust also allows women to build strong connections to their clients and co-workers.

Growing up she was taught that she could do anything that she wants, and she therefore wants to show women that this so-called “inequality” does not have to hold women back. Through her work, Bordeaux believes that she will make an impact on the work world because she coaches women on a daily basis in order to show them that they can “have it all.” Women can have children, a significant other, or a spouse and still own their own businesses. Bordeaux’s word of advice is, “that women should take one step at a time, trusting that whatever is in front of you will lead you to having all that you desire.”