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Film de Femmes Network

We believe that the portrayal of women in cinemas and media shapes the perception and value of women receive in the society at large. Thus women in the entertainment industry play a significant role in shaping the image of this gender. Film de Femmes Network is a unique platform where we bring in remarkable and inspirational films, documentaries, feature-films and short-films to flash spotlight on women as well as celebrate their achievements while being sensitive to their concerns and troubles.

Film de Femmes, the Global Mentorship Initiative of World Woman Foundation  features conversations with directors from the media industry and workshops for women filmmakers. It also includes screening of films and documentaries, viewing of visual and performing arts and participating in a host of panel discussions and symposia. We intend this platform to form an alliance using the medium of cinema to transform the lives of women who are facing discrimination in countries like Africa, Asia, Latin America and Arabic Countries.

The alliance is designed to help women realize their dreams, discover a vision and find a voice of their own by sharing, ideating and dialoging about issues concerning women through the medium of arts.

Film De Femmes Network  provides a platform to more than 1 million students across the globe to be a part of the platform and more than 10,000 students in the community to actively participate in the program.

To materialize this in reality, we partner with a social organization to help create awareness and raise funds to support women’s causes.