Soul Entreprenuer Network – Welcome to World Woman Foundation

Soul Entreprenuer Network

The women in business is a global network of passionate women entrepreneurs to harness the power of Entrepreneurial Leadership. We aid this by providing a structured and supportive network while their international businesses are incubating. We also help women in other developing countries to make themselves self-sustainable.

The members spread internationally come together for conducting business, showcasing their talents and strengths, building business opportunities, and offering mentoring services to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Our foundation offers a platform to women entrepreneurs to grow professionally encouraging them to share resources, best practices and business empowering tools through workshops, seminars and meetings to inspire more success stories.

World Woman Foundation apart from Los Angeles is also mapping global territories to create peer support on business from the pre-creation stage to their maturity. We offer a platform to launch business ideas and help our members expand their entrepreneurial adventure with knowledge, contacts and win-win openness for mutual success, i.e. doing business together.

Share your expertise and rich experience to the budding female entrepreneurs by being part of our career growth program where subscribers can access experienced women and men to guide and support them to develop a more structured approach to their professional career.

Our proven methods and Global Mentorship Program can empower, enlighten and energize women who are seeking real answers from experienced achievers who want to help them reach their goals in business, family and life. This program is designed to raise the socio economic status of women in developing countries with the help of successful business owners. The aim is to bring economic reliability and sustainability for women advocating improvement of the business climate and actively fostering networking on a local, regional and international level. Our goal is to increase the sustainability and success of women in business by providing inspiration, support and access to information.

The program is an opportunity to network with highly qualified mentors from Fortune 500 companies to mentor the applicants through training sessions to bring out the full potential of Women Soul Entrepreneur.