Theo Marescaux, Will Moffat, and Pieter Palmers are three dads that love technology but felt that true imagination has taken a back seat and created Jooki.

In a recent advances in the study of the brain have revealed that listening to music may influence other activities for kids. The cerebral cortex self organises as we engage with different musical activities, skills in these areas may then transfer to other activities if the processes involved are similar. Some skills transfer automatically without our conscious awareness, others require reflection on how they might be utilised in a new situation.

 If you are a busy mom and looking for ways  to engage your kids with music. Tired of playing the same song for your child over and over on your smartphone? As digital platforms become commonplace to listen to music, it can be difficult for kids to listen to music without mom and dad’s help.

Co-Founder and CEO Theodore Marescaux’s inspiration for Jooki came from his three-year-old daughter. She’d asked him to play a song on his smartphone, and came back again and again to hear the same song. Marescaux, along with co-founders Will Moffat and Pieter Palmers created MuuseLabs in October 2014 to work on a product that would give children the autonomy to listen to music on their own.

“As fathers ourselves, we understand the need for a safe, hassle-free product,” Marescaux said. “Our goal has been to give the best to our children and we think that all kids should be able to enjoy the freedom and joy of music.”

Jooki with Jooki stars and tokens

Jooki with Jooki stars and tokens

Jooki is a stand alone jukebox for children to listen to music, audiobooks or stories with Jooki Stars. For parents who worry about handing a tablet or smartphone to their child to listen to music, Jooki is screenless device encouraging kids to use their imagination to listen to music rather than look at a screen. Jooki is kid friendly and easy to use. To play music, children place a Jooki Star on top of Jooki to hear the playlist assigned to that Jooki Star.

Jooki can be connected to surrounding devices via Bluetooth to stream music from an internet or Spotify radio station. To create a specific playlist ie, traveling, dancing or bedtime, place a Jooki star on top of Jooki, use a laptop or the companion Jooki app to drag and drop files from an Itunes library or Spotify and assign a playlist to the Jooki star.

To save parents from listening to Disney’s “Let it Go” for hours on end, Jooki sports a headphone jack and has expandable storage to hold 1000+ songs for offline play. Take Jooki anywhere and listen to music from high quality speakers at a sleepover party, on the way to school, Grandma and Grandpa’s house or even outside in the park. Jooki has 8 hours of battery time for those hours away from home and designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Jooki is sturdy and spill proof for active kids.

Julie Leleu, Co-Founder, Catspad

Catspad is the brainchild of two high school friends, Julie Leleu and Brice Cavelier. They were on vacation when Julie’s cat, Mozart became sick. Julie, co-founder and CEO stated “Mozart means the world to me. Taking care of him is not easy, especially when I am overwhelmed or when I go on vacation”. Julie was inspired to create a product to help pet parents take care of their companion in an easy and natural way and Catspad was born.

Julie Leleu and Brice Cavelier the two Co-Founders of Catspad

Julie Leleu and Brice Cavelier the two Co-Founders of Catspad

In this busy world, when we either working until late hours or travelling. It becomes a critical choice while  closing the door on a beloved pet can be hard for pet parents with hours spent away from home, working or traveling. But, with Catspad, pet owners are stress free knowing their cat is taken care of. With fresh food and water in the same pet feeder, easy to use technology and customizable options, Catspad is the smart pet feeder that allows owners to stay connected to their pet’s health.

After downloading the free companion app available on iOS and Android, Catspad can be connected to a home Wi-Fi network. Owners set alarms to determine the time and amount of food to be distributed and activate the fresh water fountain. When there are multiple cats in the house, separate profiles can be created to fit the unique dietary needs and personality of each cat.

Keeping cats healthy is important to the Catspad team. Catspad has a tight food storage unit to prevent oxidation and to keep dry food fresh. The water fountain in Catspad encourages cats to drink more in addition to a double water filter. The first water filter has cotton-wool/perlon material and removes food, dirt and hair, while the second water filter has active carbon to encourage cats to drink more without the taste and smell of chlorine.

An RFID sensor designed to identify each cat in multiple households and keep non-feline friends away sits in a pendant that comes with Catspad. The sensor tracks the cats’ food and water consumption through the app. In addition to the RFID sensor, weight and pressure sensors in.

atspad helps keep cats happy and healthy, even when life gets busy. Armed with only a smartphone and a Catspad,you can monitor your cats’ health no matter where you are, set times throughout the day to feedthemand activate the fresh water fountain.

Catspad helps keep cats happy and healthy, even when life gets busy. Armed with only a smartphone and a Catspad,you can monitor your cats’ health no matter where you are, set times throughout the day to feed them and activate the fresh water fountain.

Catspad itself alert owners when food and water reserves are getting low. Pet owners can customize how many days they would like to be notified in advance.

The feeder stores 3.75lbs of dry food and 8 liters of water. In case an emergency prevents Catspad getting power from an outlet, a backup battery is included.

The Catspad team is made up of cat lovers with the philosophy of “cats rule”. The background of the team is diverse bringing together engineers, veterinarians, developers and communications specialists. Their goal is to create the smartest solution for pet care and create Catspad, the only smart pet feeder that makes the lives of pets, their needs, and the lives of their humans easier.

Sandrine Bender-CEO(left) & Alizée Gottardo-CTO (right) Meyko
Meyko was born out of the meeting of minds between Sandrine Bender and Alizée Gottardo during a training program on the Internet of Things, aimed at making engineers and designers collaborate. The enthusiasm that grew throughout the project coupled with the conviction of the development potential, inspired them to launch an entrepreneurial adventure.

Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children. This respiratory disease now aects 1 in 10 children around the world! This illness is accountable for 250,000 annual deaths worldwide and is the third leading cause of hospitalization among children in the US.

Asthma treatment is characterized by a daily controller medication and an emergency treatment (quick relief medicine like Ventolin). Long-term controller treatments help stabilize the disease and are the basis for an improved daily health condition for asthmatic children!

Meyko is your child instinctively takes care of them-selves by taking care of their little companion

Meyko is your child instinctively takes care of them-selves by taking care of their little companion.

However, 50% of this controller medication is not properly followed, leading to discomfort, attacks and other health complications.

Meyko accompanies asthmatic children to improve controller medication adherence.He’s an amusing and an interactive companion that encourages your child to follow their daily medicine routine. By adopting this little animal, your child is reassured every day.Meyko is also connected to a mobile appintended to reassure parents daily. It allows parents to monitor the medication routine andprevent exposure to asthma triggers. Meykooers a relaxed everyday life for the entire family!