Dr Kar is an international award winning scientific professional with more than a decade of scientific contribution at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute (JHMI) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He has been actively leading, and collaborating with thought leaders and world’s leading research scientists in cancer and stem cell biology. He has written original research articles, review articles and delivered presentations in international conferences.

Dr. Kar graduated in business administration from University of California, Los Angeles in 2010. He served as a Board of Director at University Cooperating Housing Association (non-profit) for 5 years. He has the experience of managing the non-profit organization in appointed of Executive Director and developed comprehensive programs to enhance transparency in financial operations.

He served as the Vice President, Entrepreneurship Committee Co-Chair and External Affairs Officer for Society of Postdoctoral Scholars at UCLA (2007-2010). He initiated and collaborated with Business Science Center at UCLA (UCLA BSC) and eagerly pursued key initiatives for connecting the graduate student and postdoctoral fellows and increase their awareness to the University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. He also served as a chairman of the Post-Doctoral Journal club at Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, Baltimore, USA.

His entrepreneurial acumen reflected through his numerous enterprises i.e. MBioScience, ApnaHealth and is an investor in Dash Global Media.

It is his deep love for philanthropy that has led him to new vistas and far reaching projects like the World Woman Foundation. Dr Kar’s life mission is to empower people, mobilize resources and transform the lives of people by helping them adapt to change.

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