Britt Adams

Britt-AdamsBritt Adams
Founder & CEO, Whitby Handbags

Britt Adams is the founder and designer of Whitby Handbags, a socially conscious luxury accessories line dedicated to empowering women to carry justice as a means to prevent the exploitation of girls worldwide.

Founded in 2014, Whitby has been featured in both local and national publications for their program in Haiti. Whitby partners with five nonprofits across Haiti, Iraq, Thailand, and Peru to fund the expansion of prevention programs for girls who are at-risk of sexual exploitation, bonded labor, and child marriage.

Part social justice mission and part awareness campaign, Whitby is the first luxury brand with an integrated social mission.

Coining the term ‘missional luxury,’ Adams seeks to reach a new demographic of women who might not already be engaged in the conversation around modern slavery. Adams encourages women to think differently about activism by incorporating awareness in their everyday lives – the clothing they wear, the products they buy, and the conversations they have.

Adams is a passionate speaker with an easy and sincere delivery. Her aim is to inspire women to do something, anything, to live on mission, not just on purpose.

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