GIZMODO: Reddit’s former CEO Ellen Pao wrote a melancholy op-ed about the harassment she faced and the overall state of Internet communities. Her outlook is pretty bleak.

In the piece, Pao connects the treatment she received by Reddit mobs with overall statistics on internet bullying:

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How a Lack of Negotiation Leads to Maltreatment

The conviction of only two of the assailants upon Malala Yousafzai shows the deep level of corruption within Pakistan, as well as the disproportionate level of abuse towards women. The secret military court freed eight of the ten attackers, while the prosecuting attorney also lied to every news organization about the convictions. The shooter was not among those who were freed.

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One can find inspiration for pursuing science in something as simple as a museum trip or meeting someone motivational. During my sophomore year of high school, I found inspiration in a speaker in my AP chemistry class who was conducting groundbreaking research in lung cancer. I emailed her the following year, asking if I could work in her lab, and – to my surprise – she responded within 24 hours with a “Yes!”

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To Americans, Afghanistan can call to mind war-torn cities without much economic opportunity. But the truth is that the country has a growing tech economy. Unfortunately, those tech opportunities are often hard for women to come by in Afghanistan’s conservative, male-dominated culture. But Fereshteh Forough, founder and CEO of Code To Inspire, aims to change that.

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Your senses might seem heightened

Once a month, women of reproductive age go through ovulation—the process in which an egg is released from an ovary into the fallopian tubes, which can then be fertilized by sperm. At the same time, our hormones begin to fluctuate and our brain chemistry shifts

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Pascale Setbon moved to the United States from France eighteen years ago with one of her children and the hope that she would remain connected to his French culture. She knew right away that as her son became integrated within the states that he would soon become culturally American. Which strengthened her desire to ensure that he would maintain a bond to his French heritage.

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Large corporations are finally starting to address a common issue within business: diversity. According to two online sites, the first being online news site CNBC claims, “Companies such as Novartis, MasterCard, and AT&T are seeking out methods to diversify the work environment”, ( And secondly, seen online by the CFA Institute that states

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